Monday, 2 April 2012

Writing Sprints #4

List of things that should not be posted on the internet.
1. Nude pictures
2. Swears
3.Drunk pictures
4. Personal imformation (where you live etc)
5. Drama (status's about other people)
6. Suicidal Thoughts
7.Credit card imformation
8. When you or your parents are away from your house
9.Family drama
10.Drug use pictures or imformation

Writing Sprint # 3

Could you go a day without your cell phone ?
Yes I could definitely go a day without my cell phone. I have gone weeks without it when I go on vacation. Alot of people would say I couldn't because im on mine alot, but honestly it's not that important to me. The only big importance it is to me is getting ahold of my parents. Today I have only sent 13 text messages, having a blackberry though I rarely text anymore, all my friends have bbm and I'm not sure how many of thoughs I have sent today.

Writing Sprint # 2

Should cell phones be banned from classrooms?
In some ways I don't think cellphones should be banned from classrooms because there can be useful resourrces, like internet to search up something small if we dont have the laptops. In other ways I understand that texting in class can be a huge distraction. Banning cellphones to even enter a classroom is a little ridiculous though, they should be aloud to atleast stay in a bag or purse. I see how cell phones could be a distraction to peoples learning because instead of listening people can be playing games or texting, but its the kids own fault if they want to miss out on learning because there distracted by it, and it will affect them with future test and quizzes. Cell phones could have an educational purpose, for example we have used them for searching on the internet. Its alot handier then going out and getting laptops.

Writing Sprint # 1

If I had the option to put a phone in my head, would I or not?
No i wouldnt put a phone permanently in my head. It just sounds silly. It would be way to much of a distraction and to much would be going on in my head to even focus on the more important things. Everyone would be so confused with conversations in person because of incoming text messages and phone calls.