Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bucket List Project

Bucket list:
1. Be in New York at Christmas/New Years
2. Study abroad
3. Swim with sharks
4. Travel to Europe
5. Ride a train
6. Volunteer in a developing country
7. Ride an elephant
8. See the northern lights in Alaska
9. Go surfing
10. Donate my hair to cancer
11. Go to the Olympics
12. Make a difference in someone's life
13. Own a cottage
14. Find a secret door
15. Go scuba diving 
16. Go to a "real" haunted house
17. Go commercial fishing with my dad
18. Hit a home run
19. Be more outgoing
20. Finish the Harry potter books
21. Look through a telescope
22. Pay off something for my parents (house, car, etc.)
23. Visit Australia
24. Buy the person behind me coffee/their order
25. Go on an African Safari 
26. Punch someone
27. Adopt a child
28. Go to a music festival
29. Learn not to worry so much 
30. Go on a walk every day, no matter what.
31. Walk on abbey road 
32. Eat galati in Italy 
33. Talk/cry myself out of a ticket
34. Stop bitting my nails
35. See Ellen live
36. Fly in first class
37. Drive on a race track 
38. Learn how to walk properly in heels
39. Let go of a floating lantern
40. Do the walk for the cure
41. Pick pocket someone, just to see if I could get away with it (I'd give it back)
42. Become a teacher
43. Start a family 
44. Ride a cable car in San Francisco
45. Visit Alcatraz 
46. Go to harry potter world 
47. Plant a garden
48. Stand in a waterfall
49. Experience no gravity
50. Learn how to drive standard
51. Go to the White House
52. See an NBA game
53. Go whale watching 
54. Throw a first pitch
55. Visit the Anne Frank house 
56. Visit elephant national park in Thailand
57. Play hide and seek in Ike
58. Hold a snake
My Authors Note: 
Learning about and watching The Buried Life has really made me think about my life decisions. As I was growing up I always wanted to create a bucket list but I would always put really unrealistic things because my little mind didn't totally understand the concept. Now that I do I think I have made good decisions with what I want to do before I die. The items I am most excited about completing would be to cage dive with great white sharks, and to teach abroad. Great white sharks fascinate me and to be able to see them up close would be so incredible. Teaching abroad as well is something I would love to experience. I have heard a lot about programs where beginner teachers travel to Europe to teach English to the Elementary students. This is something I for sure want to complete with in the next 5 years of my life. I think having this project has really made a lot of people realize what they want to do and how sometimes we need to push our limits in order to be satisfied with life, and I think that's a good thing. 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Writing Prompt- So What
I think the so what of this image is that this library is much more then a regular library and you cannot discover what is inside with out entering with the proper gear. If you look at the people in the image, they are wearing backpacks and it almost looks like safari gear. That to me backs up the so what because it proves that there is stuff to discover in this library.  

Guide for undercover deputies

If an undercover cop were trying to fit into  our school they would have to know how to dress properly. If they were boys, they would have to wear pullover hoodies, khakis, vans and wear a backpack. If they were girls, they would have to wear uggs, jeans or tights, and wear cute shirts with scarfs. They would have to talk "high school lingo" so they would have to know msn talk. I also think they would have to have young looking faces because I find that everyone looks very young in our high school.  

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quick Write Worst Meal

The worst meal I can ever imagine is one filled with meat. I am a vegetarian so meat is not my thing. This meal would consist of hot dogs, crawfish and steak with a side of celery. I think hot dogs are one of the most disgusting things and they are so horrible for you! Crawfish is so stinky I cannot imagine why anyone would want to eat it. Over spring break my swim team and I went to a crawfish BBQ and when my teammates were eating the crawfish, some nasty yellow/brown goo was coming out of them. It was disgusting and I would never be able to eat one. Lastly the steak... Steak has this nasty rubbery look to it and I can't imagine it tastes better then it looks. If there is one thing I hate just as much as meat, it would be celery. Celery is so nasty to me I cannot even stand the smell of it! If I had to sit Infront of a plate with the meat and celery I would probably vomit just at the smell. These few things are probably my top food items that I would never eat, given the choice.