Friday, 28 March 2014

Spring Break 2014

In 15 hours I will be on my way to Houston, Texas! I am so excited I can hardly work in class. I'm going for a swimming training camp. Me and 9 other teammates are going for a week and everyday we have 4 hours of swimming and 1 hour of dryland. As excited as I am, I'm a little nervous too because that's a lot of training for one week. Although we are training lots, our coach made sure to incorporate some fun activities too. On our second day we are going to he Houston Space centre, I hope we can eat astronaut food! On our last day we are spending the entire day at Galveston beach and that's what I'm most excited for! Anyway I'll be blogging when I get back :) 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Six Word Memoir #4

My fourth memoir is from the category, my future. It says "I want to see the world." When I think of my future I think of all the traveling I would like to do. I thought this photo was appropriate because my dog is trying to look over the ginormous snow bank but she cannot because it is so high. I think that fits with this because its like I am trapped behind a wall not knowing what is beyond everything else in this world. I have traveled before, however, I want to go to places where the living circumstances are completely different, to understand that things around the world are not the same as here in Canada.

Six Word Memoir #3

My third memoir is a bit cheesy. I chose it from the category love. The memoir says "Lets grow old and boring together." I chose this memoir because I thought it would add something new to my blog that I haven't touched upon yet, my boyfriend. The picture is of me and my boyfriend Chris, on Christmas day, taken by me.

Six Word Memoir #2

For my second six word memoir I picked from the category, growing up. It says "High school ends, new things begin." and I put a picture of my university acceptance letter. I was accepted into the faculty of education and the University of Winnipeg. I was very excited when I received this letter because I know my future will be great. I can only hope for the new things in life to lead my in the right direction of everything I wish for.

11 days until Houston training camp!

I'm so excited to train in an outdoor pool for a week in Houston. I feel like the next 2 weeks until spring break are going to go by very slow! 

Skype Reflection

1.The topic we presented was punctuation. We made it "stick" with our audience by making our short story about learning and when children are young they tend to be very interested in learning. We threw in a part about "loving your teacher" because we hoped it would grab the kids attention so they can respect that fact that they should like there teacher.
2.I think our mini lesson went well. Although it was very short, we had the opportunity to teach the children in a fast way about a very important thing in school, punctuation. A strength we had was that Veronica had a very welcoming way of talking to the children. A weakness we had was that we did not all get to present something to the children. We could have made it so we all got the chance to say something but we did not.
3.Teaching elementary school is something i wish to do with my future. By doing these small mini lessons with the grade 3's, I am slowing learning the different ways teachers can interact with students in unique ways. I enjoy doing these mini lessons and hope to do some more.
4. FIELD TRIP TO THOMPSON! It would be fun to get to meet the students and interact with them in person.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Six word memoir #1

My first six word memoir is from the category love. I chose the words "My little pig, my little pug." because my dog is so important to me and I love her like family of course. I always call her a little pig because pugs remind me of pigs with their curly tails, and the way they snort. The picture was taken by me on the way to one of Raisins (my dog) play practices. She was in Westwoods music this year called Legally Blonde, so it was funny to take pictures of her on the car ride there.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Reading Assignment #4 - 15 Tweets

1. Today Gus, Isaac and I had way to much fun #blindmangames #sorrynotsorry
2. Do you think he knows how I really feel? Does he feel the same? #iwish
3. You were never there for him when he needed you most. That's whats killing him.
4. Group meetings are probably the highlight of my day #cancerproblems
5. Off to Amsterdam we go! @GusWaters
6. That trip was not what I was expecting #disappointed
7. Said goodbye to my swing set today. My backyard looks nice and big now.
8. Not feeling so well today. Hopefully I will feel better for group counsel tomorrow.
9. @GusWaters is a horrible driver.. haha never trust him #fail #sorrynotsorry
10. Wishing @Isaac good luck with surgery today! Love you bud.
11. Reading An Imperial Allfiction for the 70th time
12.R.I.P to the greatest person I have ever met. You were my rock and I don't know what ill do without you
13. I miss when Gus and I would play video games all day #tbt #missingyou
14. Isaac and I need a vacation asap #please #takemeaway
15. Missing my best friend today :(