Monday, 3 March 2014

Reading Assignment #4 - 15 Tweets

1. Today Gus, Isaac and I had way to much fun #blindmangames #sorrynotsorry
2. Do you think he knows how I really feel? Does he feel the same? #iwish
3. You were never there for him when he needed you most. That's whats killing him.
4. Group meetings are probably the highlight of my day #cancerproblems
5. Off to Amsterdam we go! @GusWaters
6. That trip was not what I was expecting #disappointed
7. Said goodbye to my swing set today. My backyard looks nice and big now.
8. Not feeling so well today. Hopefully I will feel better for group counsel tomorrow.
9. @GusWaters is a horrible driver.. haha never trust him #fail #sorrynotsorry
10. Wishing @Isaac good luck with surgery today! Love you bud.
11. Reading An Imperial Allfiction for the 70th time
12.R.I.P to the greatest person I have ever met. You were my rock and I don't know what ill do without you
13. I miss when Gus and I would play video games all day #tbt #missingyou
14. Isaac and I need a vacation asap #please #takemeaway
15. Missing my best friend today :(

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