Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bucket List Project

Bucket list:
1. Be in New York at Christmas/New Years
2. Study abroad
3. Swim with sharks
4. Travel to Europe
5. Ride a train
6. Volunteer in a developing country
7. Ride an elephant
8. See the northern lights in Alaska
9. Go surfing
10. Donate my hair to cancer
11. Go to the Olympics
12. Make a difference in someone's life
13. Own a cottage
14. Find a secret door
15. Go scuba diving 
16. Go to a "real" haunted house
17. Go commercial fishing with my dad
18. Hit a home run
19. Be more outgoing
20. Finish the Harry potter books
21. Look through a telescope
22. Pay off something for my parents (house, car, etc.)
23. Visit Australia
24. Buy the person behind me coffee/their order
25. Go on an African Safari 
26. Punch someone
27. Adopt a child
28. Go to a music festival
29. Learn not to worry so much 
30. Go on a walk every day, no matter what.
31. Walk on abbey road 
32. Eat galati in Italy 
33. Talk/cry myself out of a ticket
34. Stop bitting my nails
35. See Ellen live
36. Fly in first class
37. Drive on a race track 
38. Learn how to walk properly in heels
39. Let go of a floating lantern
40. Do the walk for the cure
41. Pick pocket someone, just to see if I could get away with it (I'd give it back)
42. Become a teacher
43. Start a family 
44. Ride a cable car in San Francisco
45. Visit Alcatraz 
46. Go to harry potter world 
47. Plant a garden
48. Stand in a waterfall
49. Experience no gravity
50. Learn how to drive standard
51. Go to the White House
52. See an NBA game
53. Go whale watching 
54. Throw a first pitch
55. Visit the Anne Frank house 
56. Visit elephant national park in Thailand
57. Play hide and seek in Ike
58. Hold a snake
My Authors Note: 
Learning about and watching The Buried Life has really made me think about my life decisions. As I was growing up I always wanted to create a bucket list but I would always put really unrealistic things because my little mind didn't totally understand the concept. Now that I do I think I have made good decisions with what I want to do before I die. The items I am most excited about completing would be to cage dive with great white sharks, and to teach abroad. Great white sharks fascinate me and to be able to see them up close would be so incredible. Teaching abroad as well is something I would love to experience. I have heard a lot about programs where beginner teachers travel to Europe to teach English to the Elementary students. This is something I for sure want to complete with in the next 5 years of my life. I think having this project has really made a lot of people realize what they want to do and how sometimes we need to push our limits in order to be satisfied with life, and I think that's a good thing. 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Writing Prompt- So What
I think the so what of this image is that this library is much more then a regular library and you cannot discover what is inside with out entering with the proper gear. If you look at the people in the image, they are wearing backpacks and it almost looks like safari gear. That to me backs up the so what because it proves that there is stuff to discover in this library.  

Guide for undercover deputies

If an undercover cop were trying to fit into  our school they would have to know how to dress properly. If they were boys, they would have to wear pullover hoodies, khakis, vans and wear a backpack. If they were girls, they would have to wear uggs, jeans or tights, and wear cute shirts with scarfs. They would have to talk "high school lingo" so they would have to know msn talk. I also think they would have to have young looking faces because I find that everyone looks very young in our high school.  

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quick Write Worst Meal

The worst meal I can ever imagine is one filled with meat. I am a vegetarian so meat is not my thing. This meal would consist of hot dogs, crawfish and steak with a side of celery. I think hot dogs are one of the most disgusting things and they are so horrible for you! Crawfish is so stinky I cannot imagine why anyone would want to eat it. Over spring break my swim team and I went to a crawfish BBQ and when my teammates were eating the crawfish, some nasty yellow/brown goo was coming out of them. It was disgusting and I would never be able to eat one. Lastly the steak... Steak has this nasty rubbery look to it and I can't imagine it tastes better then it looks. If there is one thing I hate just as much as meat, it would be celery. Celery is so nasty to me I cannot even stand the smell of it! If I had to sit Infront of a plate with the meat and celery I would probably vomit just at the smell. These few things are probably my top food items that I would never eat, given the choice.

Quick Write Eden

My imaginary Eden would be a wide open outdoor place. I would have half of the space full of bright green grass, flowers, ponds and trees. The other half would be full of snow hills and trails. I LOVE the summer, so most of my time would be spent on the sunny half, but I also love to do winter activities so I would need some snow for when I get that urge to go snowboarding. The trees would be blossoming with all my favourite fruits, and the air would smell as though the fruits have been freshly squeezed. The only source of light would be from the sun, because cell phones and technology is not what I want this place to be about. The snowy side would be a bit dimmer then the sunny side because you needs the snow to stay. There would be wildlife running around and keeping people entertained. The weight of this place is so light because only the good are accepted. 

Monday, 28 April 2014

Skype Reflection

Today's skype with the grade 3 class went very well. The kids seem to really enjoy when we talk to them which makes it easier for us students to speak to them. The procedural writing added some context into the learning process because it is something easy for us to do and teach to the young students. The value in using skype to collaborate with the grade 3 class is that not also are they learning from what we tell them, but we are also learning too. Us grade 12s get to see and learn how a grade 3 class responds and interacts with us speaking to them. 

Spring Break Reflection

This spring break I was privileged enough to travel to Houston, Texas with the greatest team anyone could ask for. The training camp included 24 hours of swimming and 4 hours of dryland training, which totalled 27 hours of hard work. None of which was easy, but nobody gave up. Not one person sat on the deck and watched their teammates complete a set, everyone was working hard and dedicating themselves to each and every set.
Although this camp was a "training" camp, we had so many other things on our list to do while on our travels. The first one, going to the Houston Space Centre! Coach Ian told us so much about the awesome Space Centre and how incredibly huge it is. Soon after we got there, we realized how wrong Ian was – it was small! Not that any of us really cared because it was a good laugh and it will be one of the things that none of us forget for the rest of our lives.
We also had so many great opportunities to see local attractions, like Galveston Beach and Pleasure Pier, while in Houston and I don't think a single one of us that went on this trip will ever forget it. It was great to reunite with the Watson family who were so kind to let us hang out around there home, pick us up from the airport, and feed all of our hungry bellies. The trip would not have been the same without their warm welcoming.
When I think back on the trip, the main thing that resonates with me is the bonding experience our team had. I have been a part of the seals for 8 years now, and I can honestly say I have never felt so close to my teammates. Whether we were doing a kick set, lounging around the hotel, or even sitting in the car for a drive, we all had huge smiles on our face and we would look at each other knowing how lucky all of us were to be in that moment.
Each and every one of us 10 swimmers never would have even had the privilege to go on this training camp if it weren't for Ian and Rhiannon. We are all so glad to have amazing role models such as them, as they are coaching and mentoring us through such an important time in our lives. Not only did Rhiannon coach us, but she also got in the water and swam a few sets with us. We were all very impressed and I think that pushed a lot of us to do better. There are no words to describe how thankful each and every one of us swimmers is to have such fun, loving and dedicated coaches by our sides during this trip.
It's safe to say that spring break 2014 will be a trip that none of us swimmers forget. The overall experience was incredible. If I could recommend the next generation of Seals to go on a training camp trip in the future, I absolutely would. It would allow them to not only become better swimmers but also to develop closer relationships with their teammates. I think it is something that makes a team and the sport special and truthfully there are no regrets. It was a trip of a life time.
-Jenni Ford

New Job

2 weeks ago I started my new job lifeguarding at the YMCA-YWCA. So far it has been great! Everyone that works there has been so nice and welcoming. I am now in training to be a teacher for the swimming lessons. It's so fun being able to play and teach the young swimmers there. Right now I only work one shift a week but coming up in May and June I will be getting more hours! I cannot wait because I want to start saving my money for the future. I enjoy the job so far and it will keep getting better and better. 

Saturday, 26 April 2014


Lately the weather has been so bipolar! Last week I went for a bike ride in +10 weather. This week it snowed!! I'm so sick of the snow, it's April!! There should not be snow anymore. I just want to be able to go bike riding all the time. Bike riding is probably my favourite thing to do in the summer. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Six Word Memoir #6

My sixth and final memoir is "I was dressed by my mom." I thought this memoir worked perfectly for the "past" category. A while ago I was looking through old pictures and came across this photo of me from grade 5 Halloween. I thought it was hilarious and I couldn't believe how much make up my mom put on me. I can see the blue eyeshadow and the pink lip stick and it just looks so tacky! I thought my memoir worked perfectly with this photo I chose because I guarantee my mom picked out my costume, did my make up and then took pictures of me before school. Thinking about it now, I would never choose to wear a costume like this again if I had the choice. I mean c'mon.. It's not even a costume! They are pajamas. I adore my mom for sending me to school in cute tacky clothes because I was in grade 5, it's not like anyone really cares what people wore in grade 5. 

Monday, 21 April 2014

Six Word Memoir #5

My fifth memoir is Eat.Sleep.Swim; repeat the cycle. I chose this because my life basically revolves around swimming. I have been a swimmer with the St.Janes Seals for 8 years now, and for those 8 years my life has been based around my swimming schedule. I swim 5 times a week with the occasional swim meet on weekends. I swim in the mornings 3 days a week and I swim 3 evenings. Swimming is something I love and I thought it worked perfectly in the "me" category. 

Ignite Presentation

Mid Semester Reflection

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Healthy Food Obsession

Lately I have been obsessed with cooking! I am a bit of a health freak and I keep finding delicious and nutritious recipes. The first picture is of a whole wheat crepe filled with bananas and strawberries, with a protein powder and Greek yogurt topping. It was so yummy! The second picture is of a yam waffle, topped with 100% maple syrup and vegetarian chicken! Mmm Mmm good :) 

School Stress

This year has been so stressful. I feel like juggling 2 jobs, school, and swim practices is just to much. This semester I have math and bio which are my weakest subjects and I have been working my butt off to keep my marks where they need to be for university. This week I have a math and bio test and I literally have had no time to study for the bio one. I'm extremely nervous because we have a student teacher in that class and he teaches very differently then our regular teacher, therefor it has been a challenge adjusting to his teaching. I'm praying that I get off work early tonight so I am able to stidy for an hour tonight. Fingers crossed. I hope the year ends on a less stressful note, but I doubt it will considering this is the end of high school for me. 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Grad Photos

Today my friends and I got our group grad photos. I am so happy to have such great friends by my side through his last year of high school. As excited as I am to graduate, I am very nervous aswell! And yes.. That is my dog in the picture :) 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Ignite Photo Credits

1. Nina Matthews 
2. Richard foster 
3. Ijustwanttobepercievedthewayiam
4. Saad Farque
5. Steven Depolo
6. Jenni Ford
7. Jenni Ford
8. Evil Erin
9. Brian Moore
10. U.S. Army
11. warszawianka
12. Jenni Ford
13. adrenaline 
14. webwilliams
15. Clip art
16. manado call
17. Cleft clips
18. Heartsbroken
19.Tracy ducasse
20. Tracy ducasse

Friday, 28 March 2014

Spring Break 2014

In 15 hours I will be on my way to Houston, Texas! I am so excited I can hardly work in class. I'm going for a swimming training camp. Me and 9 other teammates are going for a week and everyday we have 4 hours of swimming and 1 hour of dryland. As excited as I am, I'm a little nervous too because that's a lot of training for one week. Although we are training lots, our coach made sure to incorporate some fun activities too. On our second day we are going to he Houston Space centre, I hope we can eat astronaut food! On our last day we are spending the entire day at Galveston beach and that's what I'm most excited for! Anyway I'll be blogging when I get back :) 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Six Word Memoir #4

My fourth memoir is from the category, my future. It says "I want to see the world." When I think of my future I think of all the traveling I would like to do. I thought this photo was appropriate because my dog is trying to look over the ginormous snow bank but she cannot because it is so high. I think that fits with this because its like I am trapped behind a wall not knowing what is beyond everything else in this world. I have traveled before, however, I want to go to places where the living circumstances are completely different, to understand that things around the world are not the same as here in Canada.

Six Word Memoir #3

My third memoir is a bit cheesy. I chose it from the category love. The memoir says "Lets grow old and boring together." I chose this memoir because I thought it would add something new to my blog that I haven't touched upon yet, my boyfriend. The picture is of me and my boyfriend Chris, on Christmas day, taken by me.

Six Word Memoir #2

For my second six word memoir I picked from the category, growing up. It says "High school ends, new things begin." and I put a picture of my university acceptance letter. I was accepted into the faculty of education and the University of Winnipeg. I was very excited when I received this letter because I know my future will be great. I can only hope for the new things in life to lead my in the right direction of everything I wish for.

11 days until Houston training camp!

I'm so excited to train in an outdoor pool for a week in Houston. I feel like the next 2 weeks until spring break are going to go by very slow! 

Skype Reflection

1.The topic we presented was punctuation. We made it "stick" with our audience by making our short story about learning and when children are young they tend to be very interested in learning. We threw in a part about "loving your teacher" because we hoped it would grab the kids attention so they can respect that fact that they should like there teacher.
2.I think our mini lesson went well. Although it was very short, we had the opportunity to teach the children in a fast way about a very important thing in school, punctuation. A strength we had was that Veronica had a very welcoming way of talking to the children. A weakness we had was that we did not all get to present something to the children. We could have made it so we all got the chance to say something but we did not.
3.Teaching elementary school is something i wish to do with my future. By doing these small mini lessons with the grade 3's, I am slowing learning the different ways teachers can interact with students in unique ways. I enjoy doing these mini lessons and hope to do some more.
4. FIELD TRIP TO THOMPSON! It would be fun to get to meet the students and interact with them in person.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Six word memoir #1

My first six word memoir is from the category love. I chose the words "My little pig, my little pug." because my dog is so important to me and I love her like family of course. I always call her a little pig because pugs remind me of pigs with their curly tails, and the way they snort. The picture was taken by me on the way to one of Raisins (my dog) play practices. She was in Westwoods music this year called Legally Blonde, so it was funny to take pictures of her on the car ride there.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Reading Assignment #4 - 15 Tweets

1. Today Gus, Isaac and I had way to much fun #blindmangames #sorrynotsorry
2. Do you think he knows how I really feel? Does he feel the same? #iwish
3. You were never there for him when he needed you most. That's whats killing him.
4. Group meetings are probably the highlight of my day #cancerproblems
5. Off to Amsterdam we go! @GusWaters
6. That trip was not what I was expecting #disappointed
7. Said goodbye to my swing set today. My backyard looks nice and big now.
8. Not feeling so well today. Hopefully I will feel better for group counsel tomorrow.
9. @GusWaters is a horrible driver.. haha never trust him #fail #sorrynotsorry
10. Wishing @Isaac good luck with surgery today! Love you bud.
11. Reading An Imperial Allfiction for the 70th time
12.R.I.P to the greatest person I have ever met. You were my rock and I don't know what ill do without you
13. I miss when Gus and I would play video games all day #tbt #missingyou
14. Isaac and I need a vacation asap #please #takemeaway
15. Missing my best friend today :(

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Skype Reading

Today we read Mortimer to a grade 4 class over Skype. It was pretty interesting and something I have never done before. I think it would be fun to do that again as the children seemed to enjoy it! Havoc definitely made the experience more enjoyable for them too! I hope we do it again. 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Quick Write-Iraq War
I found this image online when I was looking for a photo and I thought it was interesting. I think it's representing a huge part of our world in a different way. What I get out of this photo is that the great white shark, representing the Iraq war, is much bigger then anything else in the photo, meaning the war is huge and uncontrollable. I think the small fish going towards the bait are the soldiers going to be "recruited", however the shark (Iraq), is much larger then any recruiters and will eventually take over and destroy them.  

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Quick Write-Dream, Love, Talent

After writing a dream, a talent and a love on 3 scrap papers, I pulled out a talent as what to write about. The talent I chose is swimming. I have been swimming for 8 years now and I can't imagine if I lost the privilege to swim. Swimming is something I admire, if I couldn't swim I wouldn't know what to do with my time because I am so used to being in a pool. Not only is swimming something I like to do for fun, but it's my way of excercising everyday. With out that much excersize I think I would be a miserable person and I wouldn't like the way my body looked or felt. Another thing that would come along with not being able to swim anymore would be that I would loose my team. If I was unable to swim I would not see my teammates as much and I know I would drift apart from them, and they mean a lot to me so I would be very lost with out them. 

Quick Write-Which Door?

I would go through Hogwarts door. Mainly because I am most familiar with that one but also because I think it would have the most excitement beyond it. You could escape the outdoors and walk into a place full of magic and although lots of bad happens there, the journey of it all makes it seem worth it.