Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Quick Write-Dream, Love, Talent

After writing a dream, a talent and a love on 3 scrap papers, I pulled out a talent as what to write about. The talent I chose is swimming. I have been swimming for 8 years now and I can't imagine if I lost the privilege to swim. Swimming is something I admire, if I couldn't swim I wouldn't know what to do with my time because I am so used to being in a pool. Not only is swimming something I like to do for fun, but it's my way of excercising everyday. With out that much excersize I think I would be a miserable person and I wouldn't like the way my body looked or felt. Another thing that would come along with not being able to swim anymore would be that I would loose my team. If I was unable to swim I would not see my teammates as much and I know I would drift apart from them, and they mean a lot to me so I would be very lost with out them. 

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