Monday, 2 April 2012

Writing Sprint # 2

Should cell phones be banned from classrooms?
In some ways I don't think cellphones should be banned from classrooms because there can be useful resourrces, like internet to search up something small if we dont have the laptops. In other ways I understand that texting in class can be a huge distraction. Banning cellphones to even enter a classroom is a little ridiculous though, they should be aloud to atleast stay in a bag or purse. I see how cell phones could be a distraction to peoples learning because instead of listening people can be playing games or texting, but its the kids own fault if they want to miss out on learning because there distracted by it, and it will affect them with future test and quizzes. Cell phones could have an educational purpose, for example we have used them for searching on the internet. Its alot handier then going out and getting laptops.

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